Vasco Electronics

Our products

Our products include cutting-edge voice translators, electronic dictionaries, multi-functional devices for travelers or car and burglar alarms.


Presence in the world

Vasco Electronics sells on the markets of the United States, Canada and the European Union. The company intends to launch its sales in Asia and South America.



Vasco Electronics creates products that are first and foremost useful and functional. They combine advanced technology with intuitiveness and ease of use.


Vasco Electronics:
Functional Mobile Devices

Vasco Electronics is a mobile electronics manufacturer that creates professional voice translators and electronic dictionaries, multifunctional devices for travelers, drivers and car fleet managers, as well as car and burglar alarms.

Vasco Electronics Products:

  • Vasco Traveler Premium - available in 5 "and 7" is an advanced electronic translator with an extensive GPS navigation system. It has a lifetime license to update the map of Europe and the world.
  • Vasco Translator Premium – a voice translator with a smooth conversation function. Translates into almost 40 languages.
  • Vasco Traveler Solid - a waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof device for the most demanding travellers. It houses the most useful features available in travel devices today - among others it features a speech translator and GPS. It is ideally suited for all extreme travel situations.
  • Vasco Navigator - a reliable companion for any traveller. GPS Navigation with a Head-Up Display and a DashCam will be perfect for travelling to any destination. A built-in car alarm secures the vehicle when parked.
  • Vasco Dictionary - an advanced electronic dictionary accepted by 90% of schools and colleges. Thanks to its low weight it is an excellent alternative to the book version.


We tear down borders with technology

The road to a final product begins with a concept and stems from careful observation and catering to the needs of the people. This enables us to create advanced devices in the field of mobile electronics that will satisfy even the most demanding users. We specialize in the production of electronic translators and multifunction devices for travelers. We are constantly expanding our product range and quality is our top priority. Read more about our company in the section About Us.