Who are we?

We Are Vasco Electronics

Vasco Electronics is a global company at the forefront of innovation, leading the field in language translation devices for travelers. Our span is genuinely worldwide, with a strong presence across Europe and North America. Since we founded the company in 2008, Vasco Electronics has changed the way that the world works with digital voice translation and dictionaries.

The company/'s team of experienced engineers consists of an international array of talent. The Vasco Translator is our innovative solution that connects travelers to local communities in more than 50 languages. The first Vasco Translator set the company in motion, and our workforce has grown steadily in size, capabilities, and passion ever since. We remain focused on delivering comprehensive mobile devices for travelers and facilitating communication between the speakers of many foreign languages.

All along, we have driven the state-of-the-art forward aggressively. Now that the Vasco engineering and development team is a mature force, we are seeking collaborators for new project partnerships. As a partner, we create new value synergistically, unleashing benefits that would otherwise remain untapped. So, reach out if you need such capabilities to bring your software project to life.

about us

Our beginnings

Vasco Electronics was founded in 2008 as a response to the needs of customers looking for solutions for fast and effective devices dedicated to speech, text, and image translation.

The founder and owner of the company, Maciej Góralski, is a graduate of the University of Economics in Kraków (finance and banking), the University of Management in Warsaw (marketing and management), the Jagiellonian University Foreign Language Teachers/' Training College (English) and the University of Medical Sciences in Sosnowiec (medical rescue). He had also studied in Great Britain at Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge (marketing and management).

Travel and medical rescue, which are Maciej Góralski/'s passions, were his inspiration behind the ideas and solutions used in Vasco Electronics devices. The hospital emergency department is one of the areas where you can clearly see the importance of swift and precise communication in difficult situations no matter where you are, at home or abroad.

At present, the company consists of about 100 enthusiastic and knowledgeable employees located in over 20 countries on 4 continents. Motivated by its customers and driven by an optimistic passion for the product, the Vasco work team efficiently helps people around the world improve their lives in everyday communication.

Vasco Electronics is currently recognized as the lead producer of the best speech translators in the world. The Intuitive and precise operation of Vasco devices lead them to be eagerly used not only by tourists, but also by business professionals and organizations such as medical and uniformed services.

The Mission That Drives Us

We bring the world together, breaking down the communication barrier by translating conversations in real-time.

Vasco Translators create pathways between more than 50 languages. These are the spoken languages of the vast majority of the world (90%). Our devices give you the key to connect with all of those billions of people! Whether your journeys abroad are for pleasure or on business, it doesn/'t matter, Vasco demolishes the language barrier.

Our guiding principle has always been to make our products as intuitive and straightforward as possible. With a Vasco Translator, you need never worry about mastering the controls, just unbox it and turn it on, and it will do the rest for you!

We Care About Our Customers

Tell us your needs, and we listen. Our local service teams provide primary support in more than ten languages. In every language, we mean it when we say that our customers are our kings and queens. We listen to their opinions and ideas and use that valuable input to guide our latest designs.

Making connections was what brought the company to life, and it has been vital in our expansion. When customers speak, we tailor our products and to their requirements and factor them into future developments. We also support you in helping to decide on the right product and follow up with support after you make your purchase. If anything does happen to your Vasco product just call, or send an email, and the support desk will respond as soon as possible.

The Global Reach of Vasco Electronics

Vasco Electronics has headquarters offices in the USA in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Shenzhen in China, and the city of Kraków in Poland. Additionally, we have British, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian regional offices.

Our partners and employees extend as far as Malaysia, Indonesia, and India to the Netherlands in Europe. You can easily purchase our products in Europe, North America, and South-East Asia, as well as online in our dedicated e-commerce store and on many popular e-commerce sites.

Such a booming market matches the growth of our company. If you cannot find Vasco Translators in the market of your home country, and you would like to become our partner, let/'s connect and make it happen!

Vasco in the world map

Our products

Vasco Electronics offers 3 lines of product to the markets of the world:

Vasco M3

Vasco Translator M3

An ergonomic and convenient little voice translator in your hand

Vasco Translator

Vasco Translator

The voice translator at the cutting edge

shop and office translator

Vasco Shop & Office Translator

electronic translator for shops,

offices and public institutions

Other significant projects in which we are involved include:

Vasco City Guide

A mobile guide dedicated to hotels in your city


A comprehensive platform on the web for lovers of the equestrian life, stable owners, and horse-riding enthusiasts

You find products from Vasco Electronics everywhere, hospitals, police departments, and other public safety institutions, the military, and education establishments at all levels. Find us where ever helping people communicate across language barriers is vital and rewarding. If you seek something that does not exist yet, please reach out to us, because we can make it happen for you!







Vasco Electronics
  • The future of Vasco Electronics is bright! We are in a strong position against the competition, and we are investing to remain in the pole position. We are working to serve growing market segments such as seniors and physically active adventure travelers. Whether it is shock-proof casings, folding screens, wearables, advanced battery technologies, or many other new capabilities, we are working to deliver new features for the most demanding use cases of modern consumers.
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  • If you wish to join the Vasco Electronics team, we would love you to apply through our careers page!