Vasco Electronics: technology and comfort

Vasco Electronics LLC is a company that designs and programs cutting-edge mobile devices. Thanks to our experience and skilled R&D team, our products are tailored to our customers’ individual needs – they are intuitive, reliable and efficient.

We offer electronic voice translators, electronic dictionaries and devices for travelers, the armed forces, car and house alarms and much more.

We are continuously improving our offer by introducing new products and solutions.

Our Mission

Having in mind rapid technological development and more and more complicated electronic devices, Vasco Electronics creates solutions for those who look for simplicity and ease-of-use. Our products combine these features with reliability, efficiency and advanced technology.

Our Products

Thanks to their functionality and intuitive interfaces, our products are simple and advanced at the same time.

At present, we offer the following devices:

Vasco Translator cutting-edge voice translator
Vasco Traveler mobile device designed for travelers
Vasco Solid a waterproof, shockproof, dustproof device for world travelers as well as armed and uniform units

In progress:

Vasco City Guide all you need while visiting a city

Tailored to Your Needs

Vasco Electronics processes orders for government units and institutions. We design mobile electronics tailored to our customers’ needs. Among our customers are police forces, customs offices, prisons, emergency services, public institutions, hospitals, travel agencies and governments.

Presence in the World

Vasco Electronics is present on the markets of Europe, the United States and Canada. We also plan to introduce our offer to Asia and South America.

Customer Service

We put a lot of effort into providing our customers with a high quality of customer service. We give advice before the purchase and we take care of all post-sale inquiries. We listen to our customers and their suggestions, and we change accordingly. The customer is king.

Customer Hotline

In each country where we sell our products, we provide our customers with a hotline in the local language.