• protects against water drops, scratches, and dust
  • zipper pull for quick and easy access
  • durable, hardshell case
  • secure fit

Reliable In Every Situation

Resistant, durable, and reliable - that sums up the protective case for either Vasco Translator M3 or Vasco Mini 2! Designed with utmost care, the cover is made of sturdy and scratch-resistant material. It is ideal for travel and keeping your Vasco Translator M3 or Vasco Mini 2 safe when out and about - it will protect the device from damage, dirt, and the odd water drop. It also keeps your translator dust free when storing it away at home.

Keep your Vasco Translator M3 and Vasco Mini 2 safe, so as to be able to enjoy them wherever you like without risking to damage them! It is also a great place to store the charger, headphones and other small items.

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