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Vasco Translator V4

  • Understand 108 languages
  • Enjoy free lifetime Internet for translations
  • Get translations in less than 0.5 sec.
  • See clearly on a big 5-inch screen
  • Rely on powerful speakers (99 dB)
  • Feel safe: it’s shock-resistant and splashproof

Vasco Translator M3

$361 $289
  • Instant voice translation of 70+ languages
  • SIM card with free, unlimited and lifetime internet in 200 countries
  • 96% translation accuracy
  • No additional apps required
  • Ready to run out-of-the-box
  • Easy and intuitive interface
$361 $289

Vasco Mini 2

$311 $249
  • 50+ languages
  • Free lifetime internet for translations
  • 150+ countries
  • 96% translation accuracy
  • The best verbal translator stick of 2020
$311 $249

Vasco Powerbank

  • Capacity: 10 000 mAh
  • Modern design
  • 2 USB ports

The PowerBox Charging Kit

  • Hard-shell box
  • Charger
  • 3 adapters (EU, USA, UK)
  • Power bank with 2 USB ports
  • Cable
  • Car charger

Bulgarian pronunciation

  • Voice of a native Bulgarian speaker
  • Available on all Vasco Translators
  • Receive a QR code and upload it to your device

Hebrew pronunciation

  • Voice of a native Hebrew speaker
  • Available on all Vasco Translators
  • Receive a QR code and upload it to your device

Croatian pronunciation

  • Voice of a native Croatian speaker
  • Available on all Vasco Translators
  • Receive a QR code and upload it to your device

Feel safe with Vasco

Stop worrying about having to pay loads of money for an internet connection, downloading and installing additional apps, or using your smartphone to communicate with the locals abroad. Vasco Electronics has got you all covered! With free and unlimited internet access for life in almost 200 countries, you can go anywhere you want and talk to any person you want. Sure, you can use other translation apps available… then just wait until the Internet bill comes in.

Vasco Translators are also ready to use out of the box - no need to install additional apps or to use your smartphone. All you need is Vasco! Continue visiting any country that you have always wanted to visit without any worries. With Vasco, you can easily communicate with anyone, anywhere.

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What’s in it for you

Take Vasco Translator anywhere you want and speak like a local! Ask for directions, places to eat and visit, and get all the information you need thanks to a two-way translation — make your words understandable in the local language and comprehend everything they are telling you. Whether you want to travel, communicate with your family living abroad or speak with immigrants, our electronic translators are made especially for you!

If you’re wondering why just not use a translation app on your smartphone, consider this. Vasco Translators boast as many as 10 translation engines, as opposed to other translator apps which use only one engine. What does that mean for you? It means that using Vasco Translators gives you the best and most accurate translation for a given pair of languages, even if you want to translate Japanese to Mandarin. Not to mention that we give you unlimited and free access to the internet for life in as many as 200 countries. Vasco translators provide you with premium translations and generate no additional costs.


All products for live translation

Vasco Electronics specializes in producing and distributing voice translator devices that bring people from all around the world closer to one another. Our products make sure that the speaker's meaning becomes the listener's understanding. What is more, they put you in a reach of shared conversations with over 90% of the world's people.

For effortless audio translation

In addition to being the best audio translation devices out there, our product range also includes a number of supporting accessories, such as power boxes. Our goal is not only to facilitate effective audio translation, but also to make it as smooth and unfettered as possible.

Thanks to our offer, hiring a translator speaking several languages for you is no longer necessary — Vasco Electronics provides you with over 70 languages at the push of a button. Live translation has never been so easy and effortless. All you have to do is take your device out of the box, listen and translate what your interlocutor is saying.

Live translation aid

In addition to cutting-edge voice translators, our products include various accessories and gadgets, such as power banks and charging kits, designed to make your live translation as easy and effortless as possible. Take advantage of our offer and have everything you need in a pocket-sized device along with other accessories. The heart of our audio translation rests on modern technology!

No hidden costs - simply speak, listen and translate

Providing you with a meaningful and complete live translation experience is our priority. Our devices are ready to use out-of-the-box, meaning that there’s no necessity to download and install any additional software. But what is also important is the fact that they come with a built-in SIM card, providing internet access for translation in as many as 200 countries! Stop worrying about the cost of the internet when traveling abroad — you have it for free, for life, and with no limit thanks to our devices. All you need to do is to speak, listen and translate.

Feel like a local everywhere in the world with this  Pocket translator speaking over 70 languages!