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Vasco Electronics specializes in handheld translators that bring people together. Our product range includes translator devices, scanners, and supporting accessories. The goal is always that users have unfettered multilingual communication. The heart of our instant translators rests upon cutting-edge technology. It matches the phrases and terms of one language to another and pronounces words like a native speaker.

In the blink of an eye, the speaker's meaning becomes the listener's understanding. Vasco Electronics software provides translation between more than fifty languages. It puts you in reach of shared conversations, with over 90% of the world's people.

Vasco translators connect to GMS networks and local WiFi hotspots in more than 150 countries. The result is excellent understanding and impeccable pronunciation that fits in your pocket. So you make new friends and find business opportunities wherever you go.

The Vasco Mini 2 is an excellent example of our handheld translator products. This pocket-sized translator ensures you never have to feel lost in a foreign land again. No more phrasebooks or awkward gesturing, instead just start talking!

Vasco translators are ideal for all travelers. Whether you’re on the adventure of a lifetime or a seasoned business traveler, there is a solution for you. Read contracts or be curious about cultures, we have a handheld translator for you.

Check out our accessories and supporting resources that deliver your best translation experience. Our scanners read foreign language text and send it to your device to display or speak for you. Extend your time chatting and translating with a battery pack. Get top-ups to enjoy more translated conversations. Browse through our products to find the handheld translator device that’s the best fit for you.