Vasco City Guide
Vasco City Guide

Vasco City Guide – smart technology for your hotel

Vasco City Guide is a cutting-edge mobile device created especially for tourism. It combines an advanced, electronic guide and a way of communication between a visitor and a hotel. Except for helpful functions for guests, it is also a commercial space that allows you to benefit from additional services and motivate guests to interact with the hotel.


Our purpose — a revolution in tourism

We believe that innovative technology should be accessible to everybody. That is why we aim at technological revitalization of hotel industry. Thanks to Vasco City Guide, communication, discovering exceptional places, offers and attractions will gain
a completely new dimension.

The solution tailored to your hotel

The participation in our free pilot program allows us outline the shape of Vasco City Guide so it harmonizes with your hotel’s unique character. We want it also to maximize your profits and your guests’ satisfaction.

Vasco City Guide, in the foreseeable future, can also replace current room equipment such as a remote control, telephone and a door key or air-conditioning control.


  • City guide in 10 languages!
  • Unlimited, free calls
  • Free Internet outside of the hotel
  • Information about hotel’s promotions and offers
  • Recommendations and discounts in restaurants
  • Rich offer of guided tours
  • Information about city’s events
  • In-built voice translator allowing communication in 40 languages
  • Nice and easy communication with the reception
  • Many more functions helpful while visiting the city


  • Growth of profit from additional hotel services
  • Growth of positive reviews on TripAdvisor
  • Growth of guests’ satisfaction
  • Growth of the number of returning customers
  • Uniqueness in comparison with competition – promotion of innovative solutions!
  • Better communication between the hotel and its guests
  • Growth of profit from guided tours and airport transfers
  • Statistics of customers’ behavior and preferences