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Chat with Automatic Translation

Connect with people at your workplace

Do you have colleagues who speak different languages? Are you friends with people from all over the world? Or maybe you’re planning to work abroad? In any case, it might be a good idea to connect with them by speaking their own language. How to do it?

We got you covered with MultiTalk! It is a multilingual chat application that allows you to chat in different languages. All the messages are translated on the go.

All you need is the app from Google Play Store or App Store. You can also use MultiTalk freely with your Vasco Translators. See how to start:

  • Create a multilingual chat and invite up to 100 members
  • Use either a QR code or type in the conversation’s name to join
  • Choose your preferred language and chat with automatic translation
vasco device
vasco device

Easy and intuitive multilingual chat translator

MultiTalk is simple and easy to use. Just create a chat, set the name and invite the others. All members can select their preferred language, and then proceed to speak or type the messages in it. You can chat in different languages, but understand everything!

How does it work? Well, it’s simple! MultiTalk does all the work to translate your messages in the blink of an eye to each member’s preferred language.

  • Chat in different languages that are translated on the go
  • Speak and receive messages in preferred language
  • Use an app with intuitive and simple interface design

Chat with translation: Reliable & accurate

Our multilingual chat application has 10 engines, which is 9 more than most alternatives. But what exactly does it mean?

Each language pair is translated using the engine that guarantees the most optimal outcome. Even rare language pairs, e.g., English-Japanese, German-Mandarin or French-Ukrainian are translated with high quality results. This way, all members can chat with translation that doesn’t cause any misunderstandings.

  • Chat with automatic translation of 96% accuracy
  • Rely on high quality even for rare language pairs
  • Avoid misunderstandings with this multilingual chat translator
vasco device
vasco device

Text freely wherever you are

MultiTalk is available on a Vasco Translator V4. Just like any other of our devices, it comes with a built-in SIM card that connects with the Internet in nearly 200 countries. It’s free, unlimited and lasts for a lifetime!

This way, it’s a great investment for all future travels abroad. Chat with translation even when you’re abroad, and forget about expensive roaming charges!

  • Enjoy free Internet for translations in nearly 200 countries
  • Save on costs when using it for business purposes abroad
  • Connect with people all around the world with no limitations

More than a multilingual chat translator

It’s a useful thing to chat in different languages with your friends and coworkers. But there’s much more when it comes to Vasco Translators.

Would you want to understand over 90% of the world’s population? In addition to multilingual chat translator, our devices offer many more features to make a proper tool set for work and travel.

Feel like a local anywhere you go with Vasco Translator. See the other features below:

  • Speech Translator
  • Photo Translator
  • Text Translator
  • Phone call Translator

You can find out more about them below:

vasco device

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