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Photo Translator

Quickly Understand your Surroundings

Save time and worries

Running late to the railway station abroad? Not sure about menu dishes when on holiday? Or maybe you’re scrolling through foreign social media pictures on your phone?

Photo Translator helps you feel calm and relaxed in all those situations. Thanks to the high-quality Sony camera, you can take a photo and translate words in a picture. 

This is also a great tool when you’re in a hurry. Understand a timetable, signboard, or items on the menu. With blink of an eye, photo translate everything on the go!

  • Translate images
  • Rely on the 96% accuracy of the image text translator
  • Understand foreign alphabets with no trouble
vasco device
vasco device

Feel confident when looking for a job abroad

Do you want to work abroad, but you’re afraid of language barriers? Do you wish you could feel comfortable in a foreign country?

Photo Translator lets you understand printed job offers, leaflets, and documents. Just take a picture and translate any text to make sure you understand the requirements and terms. This is a great way to find an honorable employer and a job that corresponds to your needs. Above that, Vasco Translator will take care of you when you’re already working abroad!

  • Translate images of job offers
  • Feel safe when accepting the contract
  • Use an image-text translator to understand your surroundings abroad

Be comfortable when traveling

Do you want to visit a country with a different writing system? Do you wish you could quickly translate with camera any writing that you don’t understand?

Our picture-text translator got you covered! Now you can feel comfortable anywhere in the world and discover new wonderful places.

  • Understand menus & order delicious local food
  • Visit local exhibitions & museums, and photo translate descriptions
  • Feel safe in public area as you can translate with camera all inscriptions
vasco device
vasco device

Take a picture and translate in 108 languages

Each translation service requires Internet access. It can come with high costs abroad, especially if you want to translate from picture files.

Luckily, Vasco devices come with a built-in SIM card. It ensures free Internet access for translations in nearly 200 countries, with no hidden costs. You can use a picture-text translator with no limits, forever!

  • Rely on free Internet in nearly 200 countries
  • Have 108 languages in your pocket to translate text in images
  • Get fast & accurate picture translation

More than a Photo Translator

With image translate feature, our device helps you feel confident abroad. Quickly check the meaning of inscriptions, documents, and signboards. This way, it feels much more natural to travel. Even when you visit a country with a different writing system!

However, in addition to picture translation, Vasco devices offer much more features.

  • Translate speech in 76 languages
  • Translate text in 90 languages
  • Learn new vocabulary in 28 languages
  • Translate multilingual conversations for up to 100 members

Learn about them in details below:

vasco device

Products with that feature

Vasco Translator V4

Bigger screen and ultimate comfort

Vasco Translator M3

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