Enjoying life with Vasco Translator

Understand anything with a Text Translator

Quick & user-friendly Text Translation

Are you an avid traveler? Do you hear many specialist foreign words at your work? Or maybe you like reading and checking new vocabulary?

In any case, our Text Translator gives you the power to understand anything, anywhere you are! Just say or type in words with the digital keyboard, and receive text-to-speech translation within seconds.

Feel confident and safe wherever you are, because a Vasco Translator can fit in your pocket. Take it with you and get the best text translation for words and short sentences!

  • Understand new words and phrases
  • Rely on comfortable digital keyboard or speech recognition
  • Get your text translation in a blink of an eye
vasco device
vasco device

Save costs with text-to-voice translator

Any translation service demands Internet connection. Text translation feature is no different.  Luckily, our Vasco devices are equipped with a built-in SIM card that connects with Internet in nearly 200 countries. The access works for translations and is free forever, with no hidden costs.

This way, you can use text-to-voice translator anywhere in the world, and save yourself from unwanted roaming expenses!

  • Forget about Internet costs for text translation & other features
  • Use it in nearly 200 countries
  • Choose either text-to-speech translation or silent mode

Accurate text-to-speech language translator

Our Text Translator works with 10 engines, which is 9 more than most solutions. How does it work? 

Each pair of languages is translated with the engine that ensures the best possible result. This way, you can trust that all text translation is correct and precise. It’s essential especially for the rare language pairs, e.g., Japanese-English or German-Chinese.

  • Rely on 96% accuracy for all translations
  • Get the precise text-to-speech translation, even for rare pairs of languages
  • Check the proper meaning of words while reading
vasco device
vasco device

Understand 90 languages for text translation

Even if you need to understand less popular languages, our text-to-speech language translator is here to help.

Travel anywhere you want and be sure that you get along in your surroundings, e.g., in Thailand, Japan, or Indonesia. And thanks to the high accuracy (96%) of text translation, be sure to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. 

  • Understand 90 languages
  • Rely on a proper pronunciation in the case of text-to-speech translation
  • Learn new vocabulary along the way

More than a Text Translator 

Text translation comes in handy in all sorts of situations. You can understand your surroundings in a quick and comfortable manner. It can be useful, e.g., when you can’t talk out loud.

However, Vasco devices offer you much more in addition to text translation! Feel safe and confident wherever you are with all the other features too:

  • Speech Translator: Understand and speak 76 languages
  • Photo Translator: Understand 108 languages from the text in the photos
  • Phone Call Translator: Understand and speak with your caller
  • Chat translator: Create a multilingual chat where messages are translated automatically

Learn more about them below:

vasco device

Products with that feature

Vasco Translator V4

Bigger screen and ultimate comfort

Vasco Translator V4

Bigger screen and ultimate comfort