Enjoying life with Vasco Translator

Voice Translator

Speak 76 Languages

Travel the world without language barriers

Do you dream of traveling around the world, but you’re afraid of language barriers?

With Vasco speech translator, you can talk in 76 languages. It means you can understand 90% of the world’s population! How does it work? The device will listen and translate whatever you’re saying.

Take it on your next trip abroad and talk with locals in their language. Even more, with free lifetime Internet access for translations, you save the costs of roaming data.

  • Feel like a local anywhere in the world
  • Ask for directions, prices of products, or hotel regulations abroad
  • Forget about language barriers and talk like a native speaker anywhere in the world
vasco device
vasco device

How does the voice translator work?

Translate audio to text, and then to voice again. See how verbal translator works step by step:

Automatic speech recognition

Converting voice to text

Machine translation

Device translates the text with aid of 10 engines

Text to speech

Converting translated text to voice

The process is easy and fast. Translate voice recording to text or to audio as per your preferences.

No language barriers when working abroad

Our audio translation device helps you break language barriers during travels. You can also go on a business trip, look for a job in a foreign country, or even socialize with your colleagues after work. 

This verbal translator will make you feel at home anywhere you are. Be on good terms with anyone you work with, and speak like a native.

  • Feel confident during job interviews
  • Understand everyone in a multicultural work environment
  • Translate the job offer’s requirements to make sure you choose the right one
vasco device
vasco device

Forget about misunderstanding during translations

Vasco speech translator offers the most thorough and misunderstanding-free translation on the market. This is possible thanks to a precise microphone and strong loudspeakers. You can also rely on the background noise reduction (up to 99%) while speaking. Because of that, the device will listen and translate anything you’ve said. 

You can also translate audio with strong loudspeakers (up to 99 dB). This volume can be compared to a shouted conversation, motorcycle or busy street. 

  • Enjoy fluent conversations without interruptions
  • Forget about misunderstandings during emergencies
  • Get your message across in a clear and comprehensible way

Speak 76 languages in nearly 200 countries

Internet access is necessary for any kind of electronic translation service. Luckily, Vasco speech translator comes with a built-in SIM card. It provides free lifetime Internet for translations in nearly 200 countries. 

Having such a tool at your disposal, you can communicate almost anywhere in the world.

  • Translate, speaking in nearly 200 countries
  • Forget about additional costs of translations
  • Have a key to understanding that fits in your pocket
vasco device
vasco device

More than a voice translator

Connect with over 90% of the world’s population. You can do that with voice translator functionality that supports 76 languages. Translate, speaking with your co-workers from abroad, tourists, and shop owners in a foreign country. 

But that’s not all! Vasco audio translation device also provides:

  • Text translations
  • Photo translations
  • Group chat translations
  • Languages learning app

Find out more about your possibilities with Vasco speech translator below.

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