PMM Vasco Emergency Team

How PMM Vasco Emergency Team came to life

In March 2022, Vasco Electronics and the Polish Medical Mission joined forces to launch the PMM Vasco Emergency Team. Its main purpose will be to reach places of natural disaster or humanitarian crisis within 24-48 hours.

This project is brought to life as we, Vasco Electronics, have joined our forces with the Polish Medical Mission. The latter is known for its 23-year experience of serving medical assistance around the world to those in need. In Vasco Electronics, we share some similarities, as our mission is to help people communicate and break down language barriers.

Even more important, our CEO, Maciej Góralski is an educated paramedic, who has professional experience in this field and would like to further help people in need of medical assistance.

Our goals

This is how Maciej is describing the Team’s origins and goals:

"Vasco Electronics will support a developing Team in the field of organization and rescue action planning, as well as equipment/medicines storage & purchase. We will also promote the Team’s action locally and globally, including the planning and realization of fundraising. Last but not least, we intend to finance the Team’s training - both within the framework of professional development and concerning the principles of mission safety, biological and terrorist threats, as well as selected aspects of emergency, tropical and travel medicine". says Maciej Góralski, CEO of Vasco Electronics, an experienced paramedic and the Emergency Team Leader.

What is PMM Vasco Emergency Team

We’re forming the PMM Vasco Emergency Team, which main job is to help victims of natural disasters and humanitarian crises, where local authorities can’t act in time.

PMM Vasco Emergency Team will be formed of professionally trained individuals with the access to their own logistics and equipment. Medical staff will be trained, both in medical and nonmedical field, to further develop their skills and competences.

In addition, the Team’s work will be subjected to act accordingly to World Health Organization directives.

Main goal

As mentioned, Team will provide medical assistance to victims of natural and humanitarian crises within 24-48 hours of the occurrence.

Team’s effort will be primarily aimed to help Ukrainian refugees, but this is merely the first step towards fulfilling its mission. Later this year, the Team will go on humanitarian operations in Tanzania, Iraqi Kurdistan, with further plans to Kenya and Senegal.

Apart from reaching the places of emergencies, the PMM Vasco Emergency team will take part in long-term goals to influence the world around us.

How will the Team work?

Together with the Polish Medical Mission, we aim to keep open minds, hearts and continuously find new ways of helping people. For this very reason, the PMM Vasco Emergency Team is formed, as we want to take our mission further.

The Team’s training will be co-financed by us, Vasco Electronics, as we want to make sure, that its members are highly competent to face their daily challenges. In addition, the Polish Medical Mission will share their long experience with the Team, so it’s best prepared for the missions.

Apart from the mentioned goals, the Team will have an opportunity to influence the world around us. They will share their experience with the local medical authorities and help them with performing their duties.

Our aim is to form a Team of positive, driven and outgoing people who want to help the others. We truly believe that together we can change the world.