Vasco Mini 2

Vasco Mini 2

Voice Translator with Free Internet in 150 Countries

  • Instant Voice Translations Between 50+ Languages
  • Free, Unlimited Internet for Lifetime in 150+ Countries
  • Comes with SIM card
  • No Subscription Required
  • Accurate 96% translation rate
  • Pronounces each language perfectly
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Free Internet

All voice translators require an internet connection to work. Vasco Mini 2 has a built-in international SIM card that allows for free and unlimited use of the Internet for translation in over 150 countries. No monthly charges, no renewal fees, no limits, absolutely free, like no one else on the market.

Free Internet

The World’s Finest Voice Translator


No more need to stuff your carry-on baggage with books. The Mini 2 replaces all the clumsy paper phrasebooks you would need for each country you visit. It listens to what you say and converts it between the languages of your choice, pronouncing the translation aloud with just the right accent. Then it delivers the other side of your conversation too.

Vasco Mini 2 maintains a consistent 96% accuracy rate, its easy-to-use interface fits in your hand and pocket, and it delivers immediate translations. These are some of the reasons it has been recognized as the best translator of the year 2019.

Just turn the Vasco Mini 2 on and go! Right out of the package!

All of those features helped us to win the GSMA’s 2020 Global Mobile Award (GLOMO) for Best Connected Consumer Device. Judges described Vasco Mini 2 as “a smart and specific product that understands its niche target market—this company has kept it simple and focused on making it work well, which are good working principles.”

Mini 2 play

Make Friends Around The Globe

Imagine you’re traveling and lost in a foreign country. You need to ask for directions. Or maybe you’re there to talk business. Either way, clear communication is critical. We’ve all been there; the awkward silence when you don’t understand what a foreigner is saying and the clumsy gestures to make yourself understood.

There is no need to panic! Just use Vasco Mini 2. It brings down all language barriers, no matter whether you’re talking to a French chef or a Chinese businessman. With Vasco Mini 2, the conversation connects, and life rewards your efforts!

vasco mini2

How Does It Work?

Select your language and the language you want to translate, press the button, and say what you want to say. Vasco Mini 2 will immediately recognize it, translate it, and pronounce it out loud, like a native speaker.

Mini 2 play

Use It Right Out Of The Box

Are you afraid of technology? Vasco Mini 2 is as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Its two physical buttons make it easy to use. There’s no need for configuration. Just take it out of the box and start speaking in more than 50 languages.

Precise microphone, noise reduction
Free and unlimited internet access in 150 countries
Native speaker-like pronunciation
Powerful battery, up to 160h
Intuitive and simple interface
2” touchscreen
Solid casing
Six translation engines
Loudspeaker: 84 dB audible in any environment
Comfortable buttons

Winner of Electronic Translators Review

Trust the experts. There is no better electronic translator than Vasco Mini 2. There are no more accurate translations at this speed. There is no-one who can give it to you for free and without any limits. Mini 2 is the winner of the Electronic Translations Review.

See for yourself why we’re rated top – Vasco translators vs. other translation devices

You may stumble across other translators on the market but don’t get cheated. All of them require the Internet to translate what you want to say precisely. ONLY Vasco Mini 2 can do it at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS in more than 150 COUNTRIES.

What’s more, Vasco Mini 2 is the ONLY translator in the world that can connect to six different translation engines and choose the best one depending on the language pair. It connects to our server to provide an immediate translation, with support from our customer service team in your local language and your country!

Free Updates

Vasco Mini 2 is continuously developing and improving. Our team is working to give you the maximum possibilities with just one click of a button. Simply download all the latest updates directly to your device!

Free Updates ... Update

Vasco Mini 2 Supports More Than 50 Languages

See the languages you’ll be able to speak with Vasco Mini 2:



Mini 2 Dimensions
Display TFT 240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches touchscreen
Processor MT6735
Battery Lithium-ionium 1200mAh
Earphone input Mini-Jack (3.5 mm)
Dimensions 1.73 x 4.44 x 0.47 in (42 x 113 x 12 mm)
Weight 0.15 lb (70 g)
Warranty 24 months
User manual [manual]

Montreal – Tokyo – Rio – Vasco Mini 2 Works Everywhere

Vasco Mini 2 assures speed, data- safe and accurate translation. The built-in SIM card connects to the server located in Germany. No more worrying about contracts, high costs, and roaming charges. Vasco Mini 2 has no hidden fees or charges! It works without limits in more than 150 countries! The map below shows you where.



  • The Vasco Mini 2 Translator
  • International SIM card
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • User manual in English

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Kate , 2020-08-11

I love it !!!

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Tayyab , 2020-07-28

#1best translator

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jack , 2020-06-23

The device is ideal for travelers No hidden costs;)

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