Vasco Translator Premium 5" + Scanner

Vasco Translator Premium 5" + Scanner

Pocket Voice and Text Translator

  • Translate voice and text between 50+ languages
  • Accurate 96% translation rate
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect pronunciation
  • Text-reading handheld scanner
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The Vasco Translator Premium 5" is popular for translating conversational speech. Now it includes the enhanced text reading capabilities of the handheld scanner. The combination is the fastest way to upload printed text to the device for translation. It is ideal for school, business, and travel. The scanner translates short phrases and compound sentences with equal ease in seconds!

This design combination will work well at school, work and travel. Now you can quickly understand what's written in a local newspaper, in the menu of a foreign restaurant, or what a foreign contractor has entered into a contract.

  • Quickly comprehend local foreign newspaper articles
  • Read a local restaurant menu
  • Understand any foreign language clauses inserted into a contract.

The subpage of the Vasco Translator Premium 5" gives a detailed description of the device.

You can find the specs for the scanner and the languages it supports by clicking here.

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