Vasco Translator Premium 7"

Vasco Translator Premium 7"

The Translator with The Biggest Screen

  • 50+ languages
  • 96% translation accuracy
  • 7” big display
  • Photo translator
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Your Interpretation Assistant

Vasco Translator Premium 7" gives you the power of conversation in more than 50 languages!

Vasco Translator Premium 7" leads the field in fast and accurate translation. It computes spoken phrases in seconds and consistently achieves 96% accuracy. The power comes from six types of translation engines that understand idioms and the technical terms of medicine, business, and technology. Military units, police departments, and government agencies across Europe use Vasco Translator devices to overcome language barriers.

How Does It Work?

Speak or type a word, phrase, or sentence, and Vasco Translator Premium 7" converts it to the language of your choice. Snap a photo to quickly translate an email, newspaper story, road sign, or restaurant menu. Vasco reads the writing in the image and translates it. Whether you are typing, talking, or trying to read text, you get the satisfaction of immediate translation.

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Continuous Improvement for Ever Greater Accuracy

The strategy of using six translation engines drives the phenomenal success of Vasco Translators. However, we do not rest at 96% accuracy. We will continue to evolve these digital engines to be even more accurate. As we do, all of our customers will receive the latest updates free for life. It will ensure that Vasco Translator Premium 7" always gives you the best results possible.

Getting Started Is Easy

How do you get started?

Vasco Translator Premium 7" interface is also extremely user-friendly. Choose the languages you're translating to and from, and off you go!

No configuration needed:

  1. Charge it up
  2. Switch it on
  3. Translate

It's that easy!

3G range in over 160 countries, no contract required
Loudspeaker: 84 dB audible in any environment
Native speaker-like pronunciation
Powerful battery, up to 160h
Six translation engines
7” touchscreen
Solid casing
Precise microphone, noise reduction

Conversations Made Easy

To make conversations easier, there’s a special conversation mode. After choosing the target language, you simply click and hold the flag of the language you’re speaking and start speaking. What you say will appear on the screen in your own language, as well as the target language. Press the speaker if you want to hear the translation read out loud.

The person you’re speaking with then does the same and you switch back and forth. It couldn’t be any easier to hold a conversation between two people who don’t speak each other’s language!

At the end of the conversation, you can scroll up to reread the entire interaction. It’s not only a great way of helping you translate, it’s a great way of helping you learn a new language!

Photo Translator

There's nothing more tiring than typing an entire menu of unfamiliar words into a translator! With Vasco Translator Premium 7”, all you have to do is snap a photo, and the device translates the text automatically. Easy. You can read an entire newspaper this way!

Photo translator

Updates Are Always Free

Translation engines continue to improve, and the number of languages available will increase. You receive free updates for life with Vasco Translator Premium 7".

Free updates... updates

Become Fluent in More Than 50 Different Languages

The voice recognition function allows you to translate over 50 different languages! All you do is record, or type, what you want to translate and choose the target language. The translated word/sentence will appear as text on the screen and pronounced out loud. The 50 languages available allows you to speak with over 90% of the population. (We think that’s pretty impressive! If we may say so ourselves.)

See the language table for more information about the languages.



Translator 7 dimensions
Display 7", IPS, 1024 x 600
Processor MT8312 Dual core 2 x 1.3 GHz
Battery lithium-ionium BP-6T (3.7V, 7.4Wh, 2800mAh)
Earphone input 3,5 mm
Dimensions 188 x 108 x 7 mm
Weight 279 g
User manual [manual]


Vasco Translator owes its accuracy and reliability to a wireless connection with the Internet. The built-in, international SIM card makes you feel as if the device works off-line. The comfort and accuracy of this solution make your conversation with foreigners confident and enjoyable. So you have a livelier and more memorable experience every time.

You can top up your SIM card at any time at vasco-sim.com.

The map below shows the countries where Vasco Translator works.


Additional functions

  • Unit converter
  • Currency converter
  • Camera
  • Calculator


  • Vasco Translator Premium 7”
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • User manual in English

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