Vasco Translator V4

Universal translator with 108 languages and free lifetime Internet

  • Voice Translator: Speak in 76 languages
  • Photo Translator: Understand 108 languages
  • Text Translator: Understand 90 languages
  • Free Internet: Use with no limits for translation
  • Fast Translation: Wait just ~0.5 sec.
  • Big 5-inch screen: See text on device clearly
  • Powerful speakers: Rely on volume up to 99 dB
  • Resilience: Withstand shocks & splashes of water



Vasco Translator M3

Vasco Translator M3

Pocket Translator with free lifetime Internet

  • Voice & Photo Translator: Speak in 76 languages
  • Free Internet: Use with no limits for translation
  • High precision: Trust translation of 96% accuracy
  • Fast Communication: Get results in ~0.5 sec.
  • Slick Design: Rely on awarded user-friendliness


$361 $289

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New technology provides instant voice and text translation in over 100 languages


Vasco Electronics worked on the device capable of translating phrases, text on images and speech with up to 108 different languages


The new device that translates images to communicate with over 90% of the world`s population


Interview with Maciej Goralski, CEO of Vasco Electronics: "Why buy our product? For the same reason as buying a camera instead of settling for a smartphone"


Reddot 2022
NY awards
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NY product design

Portable translator for anyone’s needs

Vasco translators are designed to bring people together by breaking language barriers down. Our mission is fulfilled with the help of useful features, such as voice, photo, and text translation. Unlike other vendors, Vasco devices work out of the box. They automatically connect to GSM mobile networks in nearly 200 countries without SIM card registration, subscriptions, or extra top-up fees.

Language barriers won’t be a problem anymore. Just take Vasco electronic translator and speak with over 90% of the world’s population.

Understand your surroundings abroad

Eating at a restaurant in a foreign country was never so easy. Take a picture and understand the menu, ordering your favorite dish. If you’re planning to work abroad, translate your contract, so that you know what you’re signing up for. Our real time translators have got you covered!

Go abroad, feel safe and understand your surroundings with Vasco portable language translator.

Cutting-edge electronic translator

Vasco Translator V4 is an excellent example of one of our electronic translator products. This universal translator lets you talk like a local anywhere in the world, ensuring you’ll never feel lost in a foreign country. No more heavy phrasebooks or awkward gesturing — be understood by anyone, anywhere, and understand everything they’re telling you.

Vasco portable translator fits any pocket and has an intuitive interface. It’s easy to use, even for those who find modern technology difficult.

No more additional costs

Our voice translators also provide free lifetime Internet access for translations in nearly 200 countries. This is possible thanks to a special SIM card that’s already in your electronic translator when you buy it. No hidden costs and additional software to install — everything you need is already inside your Vasco portable translator.

Travel the world and stop worrying about the costs of the Internet abroad. Everything you need to translate is already in your pocket.