Vasco Translator M3


  • Instant voice translation of 70+ languages
  • SIM card with free, unlimited and lifetime internet in 200 countries
  • 96% translation accuracy
  • No additional apps required
  • Ready to run out-of-the-box
  • Easy and intuitive interface
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Free shipping

Free shipping

30-day return policy

30-day return policy

24-hour delivery

24-hour delivery

You speak Vasco translates

Bringing cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface to the table, Vasco Translator M3 lets you communicate in over 70 languages, also providing a SIM-card with free, unlimited and lifetime internet access for translation in almost 200 countries. What is more, users can translate text on pictures, such as restaurant menus. Take advantage of the phone-call translation feature in addition to using MultiTalk — an app allowing you to chat with up to 100 people simultaneously. Buy this pocket translator and start speaking with anyone, anywhere, having extremely fast and two-way translations at your disposal.

How does this real-time translation device work

In addition to 70+ languages and a SIM card with a free lifetime internet, this superb pocket translator allows you to tear language barriers down in many ways. Being ready to run out-of-the-box and with no additional apps required, this real time translation device lets you speak like a local anywhere you go with instant and 96%-accurate two-way translations. Press the button and ask for directions in Japan or China, in addition to ordering what you really want in the best restaurant in the city thanks to a photo translation feature.

Johannes Testimonial


star star star star star

Vasco is small, handy, quick to use, incredibly fast in translation and incredibly accurate in translation, which was very important for us.






Unlimited free lifetime

Whereas other pocket translator devices also provide internet connection for the purpose of translation, we are the only company whose products come with a SIM card offering free and unlimited internet for life. No limits and no additional costs — speak like a local with free internet for life in as many as 200 countries and don’t worry about the internet cost when travelling to Australia or China.

What’s included:

  • Vasco Translator M3
  • International SIM card
  • Charger
  • USB cable type-C
  • Protective case
  • Quick Start Guide and online user manual in English, Spanish, and more.
M3 set

We Think Globally
but Act Locally

Producing and distributing our products around the entire world, we believe that what makes our operations effective is the local approach to each market — we pay attention to the distinguishing traits of our clients, breaking down each language barrier individually. Connect with the vast majority of the world’s population and make friends around the globe, speaking like a native speaker anywhere you go.

Precise microphone
Precise microphone, noise reduction
Free and unlimited internet
Free, unlimited and lifetime internet access
Native speaker-like pronunciation
Native-speaker-like pronunciation
Powerful battery
Powerful battery, up to 180h
Language learning app
Language learning app
2” touchscreen
2” touchscreen
Solid casing
Solid casing
10 translation engines
10 translation engines
Phone Call Translator
Phone Call Translator
Photo Translator
Photo Translator
Strong loudspeaker — 84db
Comfortable buttons
Comfortable buttons
Precise microphone

Precise microphone, noise reduction

Carry the ability to translate even in the loudest environments and surroundings such as crowded city streets, train stations or busy airports. Precise microphone and background noise reduction up to 99% will let you speak freely and translate every word you utter with no unnecessary pauses. Speak your mind anywhere you go.

Free, unlimited and lifetime internet access

Free, unlimited and lifetime internet access

This real time translator device offers free unlimited lifetime internet access for the purpose of translation in as many as 200 countries. The SIM card is already included in the device so you don’t have to do anything — just take your Vasco Translator M3 out of the box and start translating. Go anywhere you want and stop worrying about the costs of the internet when traveling — no more need to use your own data to translate.

Native speaker-like pronunciation

Native-speaker-like pronunciation

You can speak and feel like a local anywhere you go — Vasco Translator M3 will pronounce anything you’ve said loudly and like a native-speaker. Speak to your pocket translator in your native language and impress a Spanish, Japanese or Hungarian speaker by communicating with them like a local.

Powerful battery, up to 180h

Powerful battery, up to 180h

No need to charge your translator every hour — Vasco Translator M3’s battery lasts up to 180 hours in standby mode and up to 48 hours in continuous operation. Charge your real time translation device once and take advantage of its many features without any worries that it would run out of battery really quickly.

Language learning app

Language-learning app

In addition to using your Vasco Translator M3 in a foreign country to translate, you can also start learning a new language thanks to a dedicated language-learning app. Practice pronunciation anywhere and anytime you want and learn new vocabulary if you want to master another language of your choice.

2” touchscreen

2” touchscreen

This pocket translator comes equipped with a 2-inch ergonomic touchscreen that lets you easily navigate through the many features of the device in an intuitive way. The digital buttons appear in a clear and comprehensible manner — if you are in a rush and have to do something really quickly, this voice translator will let you do so.

Solid casing

Solid casing

In addition to boasting its sleek and ergonomic shape, Vasco Translator M3 is designed to withstand many difficult situations when being on the road. Don’t let its small size fool you — this real time translation device comes in a really solid and robust casing so that you can take it anywhere you want.

6 translation engines

10 translation engines

Translating from English to German seems pretty easy, but think about translating into Japanese. Vasco Translator M3 comes equipped with as many as 10 translation engines — it means that a given pair of languages is translated with the help of that one engine that provides the best and most accurate translation so that you can communicate what you really want to say. No more misunderstandings. Compare: translation apps that you can download and install on your mobile phone usually have only one translation engine.

Phone Call Translator

Phone Call Translator

In addition to voice and photo translation, you can also translate phone calls. Talk something over with a caller speaking a different language without leaving your home. Save time and money and get the job done quickly and efficiently over the phone. Set this pocket-translator side by side with your phone and translate what you’re saying as well as what the caller is saying.

Photo Translator

Photo Translator

Vasco Translator M3 comes equipped with a photo translation feature. Take a photo of menus, schedules, warning signs and books, and translate text on pictures. Imagine being in a restaurant — not only can you communicate with a waiter, you can also understand the menu and choose that one dish that you really want to have. Give yourself a present and make your day better.

Strong loudspeaker — 84db

Strong loudspeaker — 84db

Thanks to an 84-decibels loudspeaker, the translation is easily audible even in really noisy environments and surroundings. Use this pocket translator and don’t worry about being unable to communicate on a crowded street, at a busy airport or a train station — Vasco Translator M3 will say what you want to say loudly, clearly and with a native speaker-like pronunciation. Let your message be heard.

Comfortable buttons

Comfortable buttons

Adding to the ergonomic and slick design of this real time translation device, Vasco Translator M3 gives you the comfort of using both digital and physical buttons. The physical ones are designed for comfortable navigation of the device, providing its users with an intuitive way of usage. Speak and translate at the push of a button.

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Voice translation Pronunciation Photo Translator
Afrikaans done remove done
Albanian done remove done
Amharic done remove done
Arabic done play_arrow done
Armenian done remove done
Azerbaijani done remove done
Basque done remove done
Bengali done play_arrow done
Bulgarian done attach_money done
Burmese done remove done
Catalan done play_arrow done
Chinese (Cantonese) done play_arrow remove
Chinese (Mandarin) done play_arrow done
Croatian done attach_money done
Czech done play_arrow done
Danish done play_arrow done
Dutch done play_arrow done
English (United Kingdom) done play_arrow done
English (United States) done play_arrow done
Estonian done play_arrow done
Filipino done play_arrow done
Finnish done play_arrow done
French (Canada) done play_arrow done
French (France) done play_arrow done
Galician done remove done
Georgian done remove done
German done play_arrow done
Greek done play_arrow done
Gujarati done play_arrow done
Hebrew done attach_money done
Hindi done play_arrow done
Hungarian done play_arrow done
Icelandic done remove done
Indonesian done play_arrow done
Italian done play_arrow done
Japanese done play_arrow done
Javanese done play_arrow done
Kannada done play_arrow done
Khmer done play_arrow done
Korean done play_arrow done
Laotian done remove done
Latvian done remove done
Lithuanian done remove done
Macedonian done remove done
Malay done remove done
Malayalam done remove done
Marathi done play_arrow done
Mongolian done remove done
Nepali done play_arrow done
Norwegian (Bokmål) done play_arrow done
Persian done remove done
Polish done play_arrow done
Portuguese (Brazil) done play_arrow done
Portuguese (Portugal) done play_arrow done
Punjabi done remove done
Romanian done play_arrow done
Russian done play_arrow done
Serbian done remove done
Sinhalese done play_arrow done
Slovak done play_arrow done
Slovenian done remove done
Spanish (America) done play_arrow done
Spanish (Spain) done play_arrow done
Sundanese done play_arrow done
Swahili done remove done
Swedish done play_arrow done
Tamil done play_arrow done
Telugu done play_arrow done
Thai done play_arrow done
Turkish done play_arrow done
Ukrainian done play_arrow done
Urdu done play_arrow done
Uzbek done remove done
Vietnamese done play_arrow done
Zulu done remove done

Product review

Average rating (6 opinions): star star star star star 5

star star star star star 5/5
Steve, 2021-23-03

I married into a multi-lingual family and I bought this to speak with my in-laws who are older and don't speak English. It works great! Too great...

star star star star star 5/5
Emma, 2021-17-03

Cool device but I wish there was pronunciation in all languages

star star star star star 5/5
Monica, 2021-12-03

I waited quite a lot for delivery because the selected color was sold out, but it was worth the wait!

star star star star star 5/5
Olaf, 2021-25-02

Just got my M3 Translator today, and at first I thought it did not work well, because I did not press the talk button long enough. After speaking German to myself (my native tongue) I figured out how to handle the buttons - very impressed with the quality of the translations. Called my buddy in Colombia to try TranslaCall - at first problems with the buttons again - have to press and hold the button for each language until it says "espanol" or "English", then talk. Beautiful translation!

star star star star star 5/5
Christina, 2021-08-02

This translator is a really useful gadget, it helps me with my Spanish. Sometimes I miss a word and here I can help myself quickly. Really cool thing. I really recommend it!

star star star star star 5/5
Mike, 2020-07-12

I bought the translator during the pre-sales campaign. It really paid off!!! It works great at home so far, but I will put it to test on vacation after the coronavirus pandemic...


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