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Get the Best Portable Translator and Say Goodbye to Language Barriers

Vasco Translator M3 is a portable, handheld device that lets you understand and be understood in over 70 languages. Translate face-to-face conversations, photos, phone calls, group chats with up to 100 participants, and more. Translate instantly (less than 0.5 second), enjoying natural conversations.

The costs of the Internet access won’t bother you anymore

Enjoy free lifetime Internet access for translations in almost 200 countries, thanks to a SIM card included with our translators.

Everything you need to freely communicate with anyone is already in the device. Start using it out of the box and communicate with anyone, anywhere.

5 s

Instant Translation

76 %

Translation Accuracy

50 +

Supported Languages

Take the stress out of international travel

You may think that everyone in the world speaks English, but as many as 80% of the population can’t use it or feel uncomfortable doing so. With Vasco Translator M3, you will be able to connect with the billions of people who speak other languages, and go on an adventure of your dreams! Feel free and safe, knowing that you’ll be understood by anyone, anywhere.

What You Get

Voice Translator

Instant Voice Translator
translate what people say instantly to and from 70+ languages, and with 96% accuracy.

Free Global Data

FREE Global Data
use the in-built SIM-card for quick and secure translations in almost 200 countries. UNLIMITED & FOR LIFE. No repeated renewal costs!

Photo Translator

Photo Translator
understand signs, menus, newspapers and any printed text within seconds

Phone Call Translator

Phone Call Translator
TranslaCall translates phone calls in 40+ languages.

Conference Translator

Group-chat translator
use MultiTalk to translate group chats with up to 100 people speaking different languages.

Store & Share

Store & Share
your translations in the device and share them via email.

Connect with anyone, anywhere, without language barriers

Nelson Mandela said: “if you speak to people in their own language, it goes straight to their hearts.” With Vasco Translator M3, you can win many people’s hearts, making friends around the globe.

Translate over 70 languages

Voice translation Pronunciation Photo Translator
Afrikaans done remove done
Albanian done remove done
Amharic done remove done
Arabic done play_arrow done
Armenian done remove done
Azerbaijani done remove done
Basque done remove done
Bengali done play_arrow done
Bulgarian done remove done
Burmese done remove done
Catalan done play_arrow done
Chinese (Cantonese) done play_arrow remove
Chinese (Mandarin) done play_arrow done
Croatian done remove done
Czech done play_arrow done
Danish done play_arrow done
Dutch done play_arrow done
English (United Kingdom) done play_arrow done
English (United States) done play_arrow done
Estonian done play_arrow done
Filipino done play_arrow done
Finnish done play_arrow done
French (Canada) done play_arrow done
French (France) done play_arrow done
Galician done remove done
Georgian done remove done
German done play_arrow done
Greek done play_arrow done
Gujarati done play_arrow done
Hebrew done remove done
Hindi done play_arrow done
Hungarian done play_arrow done
Icelandic done remove done
Indonesian done play_arrow done
Italian done play_arrow done
Japanese done play_arrow done
Javanese done play_arrow done
Kannada done play_arrow done
Khmer done play_arrow done
Korean done play_arrow done
Laotian done remove done
Latvian done remove done
Lithuanian done remove done
Macedonian done remove done
Malay done remove done
Malayalam done remove done
Marathi done play_arrow done
Mongolian done remove done
Nepali done play_arrow done
Norwegian (Bokmål) done play_arrow done
Persian done remove done
Polish done play_arrow done
Portuguese (Brazil) done play_arrow done
Portuguese (Portugal) done play_arrow done
Punjabi done remove done
Romanian done play_arrow done
Russian done play_arrow done
Serbian done remove done
Sinhalese done play_arrow done
Slovak done play_arrow done
Slovenian done remove done
Spanish (America) done play_arrow done
Spanish (Spain) done play_arrow done
Sundanese done play_arrow done
Swahili done remove done
Swedish done play_arrow done
Tamil done play_arrow done
Telugu done play_arrow done
Thai done play_arrow done
Turkish done play_arrow done
Ukrainian done play_arrow done
Urdu done play_arrow done
Uzbek done remove done
Vietnamese done play_arrow done
Zulu done remove done

Translator that Everyone Trusts

Johannes Testimonial


star star star star star

Vasco is small, handy, quick to use, incredibly fast and incredibly accurate in translation, which was very important for us.

Andrzej Testimonial


star star star star star

It is a genius device for international drivers. We can seamlessly communicate with the person present at loading, or in a restaurant, or when we buy something or go to the gas station.

Nikoleta Testimonial


star star star star star

Really practical, small, and it will translate your words into countless languages. I highly recommend this device - please try it yourself! I have had extremely positive experiences working with it.

Who we are

Founded in 2008, Vasco Electronics is a global technology company with design and development based in Europe, and offices in the USA. It also has representatives in a dozen other countries.

Despite being a global company, it takes a local call to connect you to our knowledgeable English-speaking customer support team. Our warehouse is also located in the USA.

At Vasco Electronics, we believe we design and manufacture the finest translator devices in the world. We stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

The Power of Understanding. Our mission is to assist people worldwide to communicate, thereby nurturing understanding and cooperation. We believe that communication is the key to making our planet a better place. The team at Vasco Electronics creates their universal translators with that goal in mind and with the world's welfare in their hearts.

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